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The well-designed house will have a good layout and be attractive, enjoyable to look at. One of the first things we do, of course, is to meet the prospective client, usually on site if possible.  We go over in some detail what you have and what you'd like to build.  An non-refundable consultation fee is normally charged for this first  meeting which typically is one to two hours. The fee is credited to the initial payment should we proceed with the services.

Much information is reviewed during this preliminary discussion which can include:
  • First impressions of existing condition of site, buildings, etc.
  • Zoning parameters - setbacks, Zoning parameters, uses, etc.
  • Construction considerations - code, size, shape, materials, etc. Cost - to plan, build the project, etc.
  • Misc. - historic districts, availability of general contractors, environmental regulations
  • Your needs - scope-of-work, schedule, budget, importance of resale value, impact of above factors
William J. Devlin, AIA Architect

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